Prof. Lucas H. Gabrielli

Av. Albert Einstein, 400 − Room 328-A
13083-852 Campinas, SP, Brazil +55 (19) 3521-3813


Class notes are available here for the following disciplines:

  • EE301 – Laboratório de Fundamentos Físicos para a Engenharia Elétrica
  • EE522 – Laboratório de Eletromagnetismo
  • EE540 − Teoria Eletromagnética
  • EE754 − Ondas Guiadas
  • EE755 − Laboratório de Ondas Guiadas
  • EE882 – Laboratório de Cominucações I
  • IE766 − Guiamento e Radiação de Ondas


Our research group (GEMAC) currently focuses on optical communications, wireless technology, and bio-sensing.

My main research interest lies in the field of optics, especially in the design of nanophotonic devices, but also includes numerical methods, inverse problems and design optimization.

Other sites:


Gdstk: C++/Python library for creation and manipulation of GDSII and OASIS files.

Gdspy: Python module for creating GDSII stream files, usually CAD layouts.

LaTeX: Basic templates for dissertations, thesis, projects, and manuscripts.

Python Short Course: Introduction course to Python Data Analysis and Visualization.