Divulgação da chamada UNICAMP & AWARE - Airbus Cooperation

UNICAMP & AWARE - Airbus Cooperation

Oportunidade na Airbus na Alemanha para Alunos de Graduação (Bachelor) em Projeto de IC/TFC ou Estágio e Alunos de Mestrado (Master Thesis Project)

Dúvidas sobre o processo devem ser enviadas por E-Mail aos Coordenadores da chamada:

Segue descrição da oportunidade (Obs.: prazo de submissão: 28 de maio de 2020).


  • For Bachelor and Master Thesis Projects at Airbus Manching site
  • Study program: Computer Sciences & Engineering or related fields
  • Period of stay: 5-7 Months (to be discussed with the technical department)
  • Possible start: winter term (Nov/2020); summer term (March/2021)
  • Monthly payment: 1000€ / month
  • Enrollment and co-supervision by THI faculty (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)
  • Working at Airbus plant
  • Final thesis project in the industry-related topic at Airbus

Application Guidelines

  1. UNICAMP coordinators distribute the call (see project list below) to prospective students
  2. Students submit their application via online form: https://forms.gle/rdVVPtx5u7nVBaX48
    1. Deadline (firm!): May-28, 2020
    2. Application documents:
      1. CV
      2. Academic Records (Histórico Escolar) with Average grade (CR - Coeficiente de Rendimento )
      3. Student Motivation Letter (1 page) explaining his interest and abilities to perform the Selected Project
      4. English proficiency: minimum B1 certified by TOEFL or similar document
      5. (Optional) Letters of Recommendation / References by Faculty or Professionals   
  3. Coordinators plus invited committee pre-select up to 2 candidates / open position
  4. Selected candidates will be interviewed by THI and Airbus, who makes the final section

See full description at

  • Efficiency assessment of Virtual Reality applications in comparison with Desktop PCs
  • Task Analysis, Modelling and Simulation as aids in Human Machine Interface Design and Evaluation
  • Cognitive Modelling for Limiting Solution Space in Human Machine Interaction Design
  • Human Factors Evaluation von head-worn Virtual und Augmented Reality Displays
  • Interfacing X-Plane and a Prototype EFIS
  • Autoflight System Control Panel Extension
  • Using Knowledge Acquisition and Simulation to predict Pilot Workload
  • Mathematical Analysis of Defects Distribution of Onboard Aircraft Software
  • Master/Bachelor students in the field of computer science or mathematics
  • Secure Data Handling for Onboard Aircraft Software Applications
  • Master/Bachelor students in the field of computer science
  • Analysis of UDP Multicast and Unicast in Terms of Performance and Reliability
  • Analysis of Ethernet Based Protocols for Low Latency Shared Memory Implementation


Bavarian Center for Applied Research and Technology with Latin America (AWARE)

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