Welcome to the Communications Department (Decom) of the University of Electrical and Computer Engineering, State University of Campinas, Brazil.

The amount of information to be transferred today is impressive in an increasingly interconnected world. Individuals, companies and governmental organizations need integrated and interactive work, resulting in a strong demand for telecommunications services as an essential factor to meet this need, with global availability, security and mobility. These latter items provoke the active demand of telecommunications professionals in order to design, manage and protect the relevant networks and systems. Professionals in this area should have deep knowledge of the technologies involved and the state of the art. In addition, they must also communicate with the people and institutions that they will use and benefit from this technology. Decom/Feec/Unicamp gathers in the Feec the professors of the areas associated with telecommunications, with activities in mobile communications, optical and optoelectronic communications, digital processing of signals and images, digital vídeo and audio, recognition of standards, information theory, data networks, renewable energies, deep learning, internet of things, big data, 3G/4G/5G, smart cities, cryptography among others. Get to know the pages of our department!